Political Discontent

“Politicians don’t care for people like me”

Maybe it’s not just political discontent. An example of bureaucratismic discontent.

“Politicians don’t care for people like me” is a typical complaint for people who are discontented with politics. This is often closely followed by “These days you can’t reach anyone, you can only contact call centers.”

This last complaint isn’t about politics, but about government organisation.

So, I would like to propose the term bureaucratismic discontent: when too much bureaucracy defeats its purpose and goals.

My best example is when I tried to reach the national department for government and democracy.

I wanted to visit the US and meet Arend Lijphart, a Dutch emeritus professor of the University of San Diego.

He has studied how segmented societies sustain democracy through power-sharing. His research finds that consensus democracies have a less abrasive political culture, more functional business-like proceedings, and a results-oriented ethic. His methods help improve public participation and thereby reduce political discontent.

My suggestion was to honor him in some way, and that I would gladly involve the Dutch Embassy to do this.

You guessed it: no reply.

It gets better: the department is also responsible for governent communications.