Visual Thinking

People are Visual Thinkers

Information murals help understand big and comples topics. Bob Horn and I are working on the history of the EU.

People think both visually and in language.

When words and visual elements are intertwined, we create something new and augment our communal intelligence – Visual Thinking. It enables forms and efficiencies of communication that have not been possible before.

Large visual displays help us overcome an overload of information. Robert E. Horn, inventor of information murals, and I are currently working the history of the European Union. We aim to illustrate the different paths, tensions, defining moments of the EU. This big topic needs to be understandable and readable, without neglecting the diverse events and of views on the topic.

History of EU flowchart

The attached example is just a first step: a flowchart of topics, events, tensions. The final mural will look nothing like this. Now we’re working on the next step.

There will remain a lot of debate on the fortunes and failings of the European Union, but we want to make an overview of its history, the context of different decisions, the relationships between different events, and the interconnectedness of the forces shaping it.

In a series of posts, we’d like to show you how we proceed. Not only to illustrate the European history, but how we approach the subject of visual thinking. We hope you join us.