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Japan as a Setting

A few reasons came together in the choice for Japan as a setting for my novel.

Someone asked me why my novel takes place in Japan. Do I have any ties to Japan? Did I live there or did I visit there a lot?

I have no ties to Japan. But from the first moment I was even considering writing a novel, I knew it would take place in Japan of the future. And it’s because of the Japanese Imperial family. It is the oldest Imperial line on Earth, and I thought it would be interesting to to bring together a two thousand year old past with a 400 year old future. Not knowing what the novel would be about exactly, I thought the near mythical history of the Imperial family could be a nice touch.

As the story evolved, I knew there would be a tension between people based on where they came from. And today’s Japan is still very homogeneous. So, I thought that would fit nicely. And I liked the idea of a setting in the 1930s, probably inspired by old movies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. There would be some early electronics, since Japan is a very tech savvy nation. And the polite formalities that Japan is still very known for.

So, more different reasons for choosing Japan. I think it worked, because some people complimented me on depicting Japan so well.