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Guest Post for Independent Authors

Independent Authors is the fifteenth stop in my virtual book tour for “Can Machines Bring Peace?”.
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Independent Authors is the fifteenth stop in my virtual book tour.

Hi Sue, thank you so much for hosting me on your site. But especially for providing a place for independent authors to display their work – very cool!

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me on this site. Sue asked me about my plans for the future.

If you have kids, you know that they like to tell you about this great trick they did. It could be throwing the ball in the basket with one nice swish, or catching a can that rolled from the table in one confident swoop. I always tell them it’s really great, but I add that it’s the second time that really counts.

And that goes for me as well. When people ask me when I wanted to become a writer, the question makes me uncomfortable. Sure, I wrote a novel, but ask me again when I finished the trilogy. Because my novel “Can Machines Bring Peace?” is part one.

So, Sue, my plans for the future are to actually finish the Thinking Machine Trilogy.

Part 1 ends with a plot for war, so that’s the big question in part 2. Who wants that war and why? Will there be a war? Or will the team manage to prevent it? If it starts, how do they stop it?

But I’m also interested in what happens with the current cast: what’s next for Kira and Kuchi, not to mention Mizuki and Kazimir. Do I need to replace some characters? The Thinking Machine needs to evolve as well.

So, for a time I had more questions than answers.

Today, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve just finished outlining part two. For the outlining process I use Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake method. That really helped me write part one, and here I’m hoping it will help me again with part two. The method consists of ten steps alternating deepening what the story is about, with who the major characters are. And it works really well.

I re-did the first few steps several times because the story simply wasn’t working. And it’s a lot better to find out early on than when you finish a manuscript that no one will ever read. At one point I got stuck in the story. Well, I knew what I wanted to happen. But things also need to happen for a good reason, and I simply didn’t have that.

So, I looked through the previous steps and found the motivation of one of the characters. And that motivation was the key I needed to move on.

The snowflake makes you write each character’s motivation and what prevents them from reaching it. Each one of your characters has to want something badly. And it’s the clash of all these motivations that brings a novel to life.

Another thing that happened after I finished part one, is that some little door in my brain opened and made new ideas for even more novels pop out. And my immediate concern is how I can pace myself to not write more than one novel at the time. Because I’m pretty sure, I’ll try doing just that.

I’ll let you know how that turns out!