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Guest Post for Archeolibrarian

The Archeolibrarian is the sixth stop of my Virtual Book Tour for “Can Machines Bring Peace?”.
Read my a guest post here.

Archeolibrarian is the sixth stop of my Virtual Book Tour. They asked me to write a guest post.

Hello everyone!

Merissa, Debbie, Charlotte, Beth, Rowan, thank you so much for having me on your site. I really appreciate this opportunity to write a guest post.

Setting of Can Machines Bring Peace?

My novel is about a young diplomat who builds a Thinking Machine to help bring peace, only to discover a plot for war. The setting is Japan of the future, after the Final War. Humans are coming out of their underground vaults after three hundred years. And in that time, a lot of technology stopped working. So, there is a 1930s vibe in the story.

The novel hosts an admiral, an Empress, students, Imperial councilors, professors, women in kimono, Imperial guards, military men and a fortune teller.

Cosplay Weekend for Can Machines Bring Peace?

In one of my wildest expectations on the critical acclaim my novel would receive, I wondered what a cosplay weekend for Can Machines Bring Peace? would be like.

So, lets imagine a Japanese restaurant before opening time. That would be a fitting venue. We would eat tamagoyaki (a kind of omelet), miso soup, yaki soba, a bowl of rice and tea. That’s why the restaurant allows us to have the place for free.

There are four sections – basically a couple of tables – with different events going on:

Take you picture against a special background

In one section you can get your picture taken with a background of choice. It’s a big green screen and the scenery is added later on. You can choose the Tanabata festival, the Imperial Palace, the Kyoto Gyoen park and the Sakhalinsk basement that houses the Thinking Machine.

Handmade collectibles

In another section members of the Thinking Machine fan group sell collectibles. So over here is Merissa. She makes models of the Thinking Machine. Beth, on the other hand, makes models of the Marvelous Thinking Machine. Charlotte makes models of the Imperial car, the Sakai-Shibata Maboroshi II Kazoku. And Debbie makes models of the Imperial throne room. These are all unique and handmade! And in the last spot behind the table, Rowan sells Ogata glasses. She knows a guy where she can get them cheap.

Reserved spot for the Author

The third section is the section of hope. The Nebraska Thinking Machine Fanclub has a standing invitation for the author. And that’s where I will sit and sign autographs and take pictures, when I decide to join them. Every year, I write them a letter thanking them for the invitation and either giving insights in how the first part was written, or sneak peaks for the next parts. I can’t believe they keep saving me such a seat of honor.

Costume Competition

And finally, the fourth section, dedicated to the costume competition. Last year Janet was the first to don the red uniform of the Imperial guards, instead of the regular blue ones. The year before, she surprised us with the costume of Emiko the fortune teller/flower shop girl. We’re already wondering what she will be wearing next year. I think Beth and Merissa are taking bets on it being Mishi.

This year something happened that we all hoped to avoid: two Mizukis came in wearing the same kimono. There was a lot of fuss about that. But because of the subtle intervention of Debbie as Lady Saigō, it ended with all three of them in the photo at the Imperial palace (thank you so much, Debbie!)

Dunk ‘em Ogata

And Rowan is asking the chairman for a fifth section. She would really like to set up a Dunk ‘em Ogata: if you hit the bull’s eye with a ball, Ogata dumps into a big tub of water. The chairman, of course likes the idea, but worries if there is enough room in the restaurant. Another location would cost money. He is willing to compromise on a Pie-in-the-face Ogata next year. If I were to get their invitation this year, I would definitely go!