Here are more examples of Bob Horn’s information murals.


China Fears and Concerns – 2004 Bob Horn

How do you get insights into the Chinese elite, in order to devise foreign policy? The 2004 fears and concerns map showed the big picture and the needed detail.

Missile Defense

Argumentation Map on US Missile Defense – 2001 bob Horn

Should the US develop a missile defense system? An argumentation map shows the pros and cons

Ethnic Conflict

Modeling Ethnic Conflict – 2002 Bob Horn

Why and how does ethnic conflict evolve? A stages map shows the different steps. This makes formulating interventions possible.


Levels Map on Israeli – Palestinian Situation – 2003 Bob Horn

How did the George W. Bush’s Palestinian-Israel policy come about? Analyzing levels of influence and bringing them together increases understanding.

Even more examples of Bob Horn’s work can be found on his website:

bobhorn.us or view it on this site.

If you are interested in cooperating on making an information mural, please contact me at: floor@floorkist.nl.

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