Visual Thinking

European Leader’s Journey

Inspired on customer journey maps, I’m working on a European Leader’s journey, showing the history of the European Union.

Dots on Lascaux cave walls map out part of the night sky. They are about 14 thousand years old. The Babylonian Map of the Word, the oldest surviving map, is about 2500 years old. At 22, the first customer journey map is a real baby. Used for business and public services, customer journey maps show the story of the customer experience.

They add a human side to a technical tool: what customers are thinking, feeling and doing.

My latest attempt for a map of the history of the European Union, is European leaders’ journey. I was inspired by Mel Edwards and Christian Dobbert.

It will include triggers for major decisions. What were European leaders thinking? What were they doing? Which stakeholders and processes were involved. I hope to have the first draft done after the summer holidays.

The European Union’s complex decision making process is the result of 70 years working for peace and prosperity. 23 times have European leaders said yes to treaties and treaty changes. How’s that for an emotional journey!

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