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Characters TTM Part 2 – Mirai Kojima

Happily, I’m making progress -albeit step-by-step- so here’s another charachter who will appear in The Thinking Machine Trilogy Part 2.

Happily, I’m making progress—albeit step-by-step—so here’s another character who will appear in The Thinking Machine Trilogy Part 2.

Mirai knows she’s pretty and not beautiful. The distinction is important for her line of work: beautiful women attract attention, pretty women appeal to a man’s inner child. She keeps her eyes politely looking down. And the image is created of a shy, polite, friendly woman. When this image is firmly ingrained in the mind of her mark, Mirai reels him into her web.

‘Her last mission was about sticky fingers at the IQS, but this. What an odd team. No military operation, but civilians dealing with military matters?

Kazimir Sakhalinsk, Kira Sakhalinsk, Mizuki Fujiwara, Kuchi Wakizaka and Aisake Tūmatarau. Who are these people? The Imperial Council, a visit from the empress, some small-time thug called Takeda. Who are these people?’

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