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“Can Machines Bring Peace?” on Our Town Book Reviews

Our Town Book Reviews is the eighth stop of my virtual book tour for Can Machines Bring Peace?.
Read the review here.

Our Town Book Reviews is the eighth stop in my virtual book tour for

“Can Machines Bring Peace?”.

This is Kathy’s review…

I really enjoyed the overall plot and story here. This is a really good Sci-Fi. One that is written around the things that could someday be a reality, or at least this book makes us think about it. In fact, this story sometimes made me forget it was fiction. I found myself running to the computer to look up and/or research something the author had written about. A sci-fi book that makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction is what I’ll describe as a really good science fiction book.

There were a few places where I thought the writing became academic in its color. It slowed down or made a hiccup in the flow of my reading. Then again, this is a very scientific subject to write about.

A good debut novel. I hope we’ll see more from Floor Kist.

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