Bob Horn

About Robert E. Horn

Bob Horn is a political scientist with a special interest in policy communication, social learning, and knowledge management, with specialties in biotechnology and national security affairs.

He was CEO of Information Mapping, Inc. an international consulting firm that he founded after years of interdisciplinary research and practice.

He has taught at Harvard, Columbia, and Sheffield universities. He is currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Human Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR).

Horn is also President emeritus of the Meridian International Institute on Governance, Leadership Learning and the Future, which is a policy think tank.

For the past two decades, Horn has been leading a project exploring the opportunities for using highly visual information murals to aid the policy making process with national and international task forces.

His most recent book is Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century.

Horn is a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

At Stanford he continues his research work in knowledge management and information design. His consulting clients have included Boeing, Lucent Technologies, Principal Financial, AT&T, HP, and other Global 1000 companies, as well as national and international organizations such as NASA, the UK agency for radioactive waste disposal, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Visit his site: or view it on this site.

How I met Bob Horn

From my consulting practice I knew the power of visualisation for deep analysis. Infographics are wonderful tools to relate data from different topics. But they are not necessarily the best form to grapple with and grasp complex societal issues.

Through web searches, I found Bob Horn’s work. I emailed him and then called him. I had never spoken to anyone like Bob before. So, I really had to meet him.

I managed to arrange a series of paid talks for the governmental Scientific Advisory Committee, the City of Amsterdam and its Economic board, the National Association of Municipalities and the provincial government of South Holland.

Meeting him was even better than talking over the phone. We’ve been working together ever since 2014. The last year we talk almost every two weeks.

Bob has enriched my life. Thanks, Bob.

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