“A young diplomat builds a Thinking Machine to bring peace, but instead it discovers a plot for war.”

Floor Kist

Can a machine bring peace? Or are humans built for war?

450 years after Earth was bombed back to the Stone Age, a young diplomat searches for lost human settlements. Kazimir Sakhalinsk narrowly escapes an exploration mission gone wrong and searches for ways to make future missions safer for his people. A festival introduces him to the Marvelous Thinking Machine.

A machine Kazimir believes can change everything.

For his admiral it’s nothing more than a silly fairground gimmick. But Kazimir is convinced. Convinced enough to go against orders and build one of his own. Convinced enough to think he can bring peace. Convinced enough to think humanity is worth saving. What if he’s wrong?

He asks his hikikomori sister, a retired professor filling her empty days, the owner of the festival machine and the admiral’s daughter for help. Will that be enough?

“Can Machines Bring Peace? Hope in a Post-Apocalyptic Age” is Part 1 in the Thinking Machine Trilogy. It’s available as ebook or paperback on Amazon.

I really enjoyed the overall plot and story here. This is a really good Sci-Fi. One that is written around the things that could someday be a reality, or at least this book makes us think about it. In fact, this story sometimes made me forget it was fiction. I found myself running to the computer to look up and/or research something the author had written about. A sci-fi book that makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction is what I’ll describe as a really good science fiction book.

Kathy, Town Book Reviews
Can Machines Bring Peace? Hope in a Post-Apocalyptic Age

“This story was engaging, a full rollercoaster of emotions against a stunning backdrop of a world. With characters that come alive before your eyes, this is one to add to the bookshelf for sure.”

Belle Manuel, author of “Fire: The Elemental Series 1” and “A Fate So Twisted”

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